Friday, November 27, 2009

went to the holding site on wednesday. It was...disappointing. haiyo
The hall was so freaking small. I think can only fit two levels if everyone squeeze together. D=
Then the toilets were horrible. Literally everything was squat. I needed to go to the toilet so i just ran into one toilet that turned out to be the GENTS. Then i found out the the gents had nice toiletbowls whereas the ladies only had squats. i'm not going to go to the toilet in school anymore.
And the MEP and the string room is at this haunted corner of the school. Eeee.
And to think i'm going to spend the next two years of my life there. sigh

on the other hand, i single-handedly finished drinking one whole bottle of kitchen vinegar this whole year! Yipee! Seriously, it makes mee tai mak dry taste a whole lot better!

now you notice i talk a lot!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

holidays are finally here!!!! And that means more CIP to do D=
Anyway, today, i went to do some CIP for this organisation called MDAS ( muscular dis-something.forgot how to spell. Association of Singapore)
Went around Bishan bus interchange to sell stuff designed by the people with muscular dis-something ( sorry, i really can't remember how to spell it correctly). We got ignored, rejected and bla bla bla. But some nice people still bought things from us 8D

So, the excuses people gave us when they rejected us:

- sorry, i need to take my child to the childcare centre
- sorry, i'm in a rush.
- sorry, i have no cash with me right now ( very good excuse ) =)
- sorry, i'm not working now.

i think thats all lah. at the end of our 6.5 hours, me and Sonia got a lot more thick-skinned :)
and we talked alot when we were selling. Sonia doesn't remember that she sat with Lee at the back row with me, jan, ju and yishuen during sec one. She doesn't remember that she always bounced on her chair and sang the hippy song she composed. And she doesn't remember that we played hangman during malay lesson when the teacher was focusing on other students. Amanda Lee, you'd better tell Sonia that you sat with her to refresh her memories ok! Her memory is the worst i have ever seen! She still have the cheek to call me crazy!

Oh, and we had a lunch with Chua and Isobel. After that, i went to the toilet to do my business when i found out that i have CONSTIPATION cause nothing would come out. They asked me ( or rather, Sonia) asked me to think about ice cream and try harder. something came out =DDDDD.

After that, went back to sell stuff again. i think a blister is forming on my toe. And i nearly forgot my user and passwordm when signing in to blogger. i think i never update for too long already... hee hee. I think i shall changemy skin... sick of this one already. :)

now you notice i talk a lot!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I can't be bothered to update anymore. So 麻烦! This blog can rot and collect dust for all i care lah! I think I'll update only when something really spectacular happens in school or something. I'm too busy anyway. With all the tests and what not..=( oh, and the eclipse that happened a few days ago was a waste of excitement. Didn't get to see anything. And I was introduced to this new happy face that i can type out on the keyboard- 8D!!! ooo, i love this face! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D
i need to watch harry potter. fgvsfhzxdfhzxdf
And my piano exam is coming. i havent memorised my dominants sevenths well enough yet! =O
i need to practise more. crap.

i posted! yaye! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

now you notice i talk a lot!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Went to east coast park yesterday! =D
with me (duh), jan, lee, yahshan, juniana, lilin, chua and amy.
Lee's father was going to drive us from her house to east coast park at 12.45. So me and jan planned to meet at 12. But i was late.....heee heee (sorry jan) cause of some stupid reason. In the end, i met her at 12.15. Anyway, the trip to lee's house only took 15mins. We were early so we went to hougang point to buy crackers! Then lee's father drove us to east coast.

At east coast......
They decided to play at the sea. Water was splashing here and there. And we were screaming to absolutely no reaon....which made us look like a bunch of bimbos.. =)
Then,we went to rent bicycles. I shared a twin bike with ju cause she doesn't know how to ride =.= anyway, she didn't dare to look up in the beginning but then changed her mind later cause she thinks that looking down is more scary. So we rode and rode and rode AND RODE until we lost yanshan and lee. They were riding to some other lane..... And i saw my pri school friend Thomas! haha. such a coincidence.
So after the ride, we were so tired that we decided to sit around a stone table to play cards and eat the crackers. Then, Jan ask us to check the price of the rental for rollerblades. AMANDA LEE JIEYING and KUAN LINGHUI AMY didn't dare to ask the person SO I HAD TO ASK. Anyway, the person at the first shop i went to said : "the price is $10 for two hours" and then i went to ask the price at another shop and the guy at the other shop told me :"oh, the first hour is $10 and the second hour is free"
So, in the end, we didn't rollerblade cause:
1) we were too tired and lazy
2) some of us have no money left
3) we didn't feel like rollerblading anymore
4) it was too late
So amy changed into her swimming costume to go and swim in the sea with yanshan and lilin while me, lee, ju and jan went to eat dinner at mc donalds. There was this disgusting couple sitting diagonally in front of us and they kept carressing and kissing each others. YUCKS. After dinner, decided to go home.

out trip home :
walked through the underpass (not as scary as yanshan said it was) and appeared in a pile of HDB flats. LOST. So we called some people and kept walking until we found a bus stop! Took 48 till little india station then took mrt until sengkang.
So tired when i reached home. Not only tired. i was SWEATY, SMELLY AND BURNT by the sun.

and i think i should really do my homework now.

now you notice i talk a lot!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I FINALLY FINISHED THAT DISGUSTING PIECE OF E LEARNING WORK. YAY. and i also discovered a new face that i absolutely love. 8D so cute right! 8D 8D 8D 8D . i'm gonna post about jubilate.
woke up in the morning.
went to school, then after taking pledge, went tp MEP room. Took my bass then went up the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy bus.
Reached republic poly, put my things in the dressing room. Rehearsed one time.
Then went to buy BUBBLE TEA! at the canteen. a whole bunch of us went to buy bubble tea at the canteen. so many people staring at us..... eeyer. anyway, this lame person (forgot who liao) went to call ourselves the bubble tea gang.
After that, we went back, changed into our costume, rehearsed again, and sat there to crap. lunch and dinner were disgusting...
anyway, low ann dragged me to collect empty boxes that were used to contain mineral water bottles for green house =.=
and i realised that i forgot how to french braid my hair!

performance : i think it was better than syf! our bartoks were so together and we didn't rush alot for diamond!

nearly dopped dead on my bed when i reached home. it was 11pm. hm..... i think i shall change my blogskin. byebye!

now you notice i talk a lot!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ok. i decided to lose. i'm gonna post. not gonna let my blog rot. amanda leeeeee, you win! this ends the game, collect dust on blog (thats what stefanie calls it).
I agree with Leeeeeeeeee. my juniors are high. way too high. BUT AMANDA LEE JIE YING, YOU NO NEED TO AGREE WITH THEM AND SAY THAT I LOOK LIKE PREGNANT RIGHT??????? anyway, it's my comfort that matters. =))) sonia and stefanie just created a bass blog. keep pestering me to post. i cant remember the url, let alone the password...
Anyway, today was miss leong's last bio lesson. We gave her a card. She was soooo touched!(first time getting that kind of reaction from a teacher) Miss D gave us lollipops as a farewell gift.
My main point today is about my JUNIORS. Firstly, that sonia calls me pregnant cause i never belt up. then, cause of that, she call me freak. then she asked me how many months have i been pregnant and whether it is a GIRL OR BOY.
So, i've decided ( Sonia lau, make sure you read this ) when you all come to orchestra, i'll treat stefanie better until you STOP CALLING ME PREGNANT =DDDD (but i think i cant last that long. i'm horrible at practising favouritsm)
thank you!
i wanted to go to edulearn but i ended up talking to the "high" people and posting on my blog. i'm wasting electricity. and wasting my time. this ten minutes was absolutely unproductive. i think i'll still post every fortnight. yes, i think i will.

byebye ^^

now you notice i talk a lot!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i think i'm going to blog about mr cher's lameness again. He thinks of the most idiotically clever things!

We were learning about baroque opera today. There 's this opera composed by Monterverdi called Tu se morta (you are dead!) so mr cher said " next time when you are angry with your friend just say TU SE MORTA! then they'll go away" =.="

It seems that kick the bucket will be going out of fashion soon!

now you notice i talk a lot!


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